Multiple Workspaces.


Setup multiple workspaces. Organize your projects and client access.

Unlimited Workspaces.

Organize projects.

Workspace permissions.

Workspace client access and branding.

Unlimited Workspaces.


Create as many workspaces as you may need.


Taskatom allows you to create multiple workspaces. This means you can organize your projects better. With workspace permisisons, you have complete control over who can access your projects.

Permission based workspace access.

Brand workspaces for clients.

Move projects and users between workspaces.

Workspace Permissions


Allow workspace access to only people that need it.


Invite your team members or clients to be a part of your workspace. Permissions allow you to set up project access. Manage your users, clients, and projects easily.

Permission based project access.

Invite team members and clients.

Workspace Branding.


Make your clients feel at home with custom branding.


Brand workspaces to make your clients feel right at home. Supercharge your agency offering with highly customized workspaces.

Custom branding.

Custom colour scheme.

Personalised client experience.