Time Tracking Apps


Native time tracking apps designed for performance and convenience.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.

Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS.

Native apps for best performance.

Online web app for connivence.

Time tracking apps for iOS and Android


Native time tracking apps on your mobile phone.


Enjoy the convenience and performance of using native apps for your time tracking needs. Easy to use apps make time tracking an easy task.

Native time tracking on your mobile phone.

Performance focused app.

Get started in 5 minutes.

Supports iOS and Android.

Desktop time tracking apps


Easy to use time tracking apps on your desktop.


TaskAtom desktop apps help you get started with project and task tracking. Our apps give you the best performance for your time tracking needs.

Native Windows App

Native MacOS app with Intel, M1 and M2 support.



Enable mobile notifications for important events.


Configure notifications to be sent to users, clients, and admins to notify them about important events. Send project reports, payment updates, invoice updates, end of day updates, etc., automatically.

Automatically notify important updates.

Configurable Notifications.

Supports email and push notifications.