Time Tracking Integrations


Supercharge time tracking with awesome integrations.

Integrate with Stripe for payments.

Integrate with Slack, Teams, Zoom and Teams.

Get project updates with chat apps.

Log hours and create to do lists within apps.

Stripe Integration


Automate your payments and invoice collection.


Integrate TaskAtom time tracker with Stripe and automate your billing process. You can collect payments from customers automatically for approved invoices and know your invoice payment status in real-time.

Automated invoicing.

Invoice payment status in realtime.

Clients can pay invoices directly using debit or credit card.

Schedule payments with payment links.

Chat App Integrations


Track time within chat apps. Create and assign to do lists to users.


Using our chat app integration, you can create to-do lists and assign them to Slack, Teams, Zoom, and Google Chat users. You can also start task timers within the chat app and get all your time tracking updates.

Start and Stop task timers within chat.

Create and assign to-do tasks.

Get time tracking updates with our chat bot.