TaskAtom Comparison


We put together a time tracking apps comparison list. This list shows you a side-by-side comparison of all features in the popular time tracking apps. We also highlight the hidden features that each product has and what they do not say in their FREE offering.

1. Toggl


Toggl is a time tracking app that lets you keep tabs on how much time you spend on activities. It’s popular with freelancers who must understand where their billable hours go, as well as students and people who want to enhance their productivity. Toggl operates online or can be installed on your computer or mobile phone to track time. It’s simple to operate and unobtrusive, making it distinct from other time-tracking software. It’s free for up to five team members. All you need if you’re just trying to gauge how much time you spend is the free version. Billable hours can be calculated with the service for as little as $10/user/month if you’re working with a team.

What they don’t tell you!


While Toggl has a free plan upto 5 users, you can quickly be restricted for the most basic features. Some of the essential features like billable rates, sub-tasks, and client access, are not included in the FREE plan. When you finally upgrade, the total cost per seat will be much higher.

Features Comparison


Here is a side-by-side features comparison between Toggl and Taskatom. This will help you understand the features that we offer at a fraction of the price.

taskatom vs alternative

Basic time tracking for your projects and tasks.



Billable hours for your tasks.



Workspaces to organise your projects.



Optional client access.



Advance reports.



Pricing Comparison


Pricing breakdown. With this breakdown, you can see how Taskatom is an excellent Toggl alternative.

Basic Pricing


All features included


Up to 5 users with very limited features.



With all features included.

Cost Estimation


Here is a quick estimation of how much you would be paying for Taskatom vs Toggl based on the number of users that you have.

taskatom vs alternative

5 Users



10 Users



30 Users



50 Users



100 Users





Why pay more when you can pay less for the exact same features? Taskatom also has more control than any other task-tracking app in the market.