Easy Project Management and Invoicing.


Taskatom allows you to manage multiple projects easily.

Unlimited Projects.

Billable and Non Billable Hours.

Optional Client Access.

Permissions based project access.

Easy Reporting.

Unlimited Project Tracking

Manage any number of projects.


With the Taskatom time tracking tool, you can manage any number of projects. There is no restriction on the number of projects that you create. You have complete access to all the features that Taskatom offers in any plan you choose.

No limits on the number of projects.

No hidden features.

Same features across all plans.

Invoice billable and non-billable hours. 


Easily send billable hours to clients.


Taskatom lets you mark a task as billable or non-billable. This means you can easily generate billable invoices that you can send to your clients. 

Invoice billable hours within seconds.

Automate invoicing.

Run project costing reports.

Client Access


Give your clients project access.


Give your clients project access to see the project progress in real time. Set realistic expectations with your clients to ensure smooth project execution.

Optional client project access.

Permissions to control what they see.

Invite multiple clients.

Share predefined reports.

Project progress notifications.

Project Permissions


Complete project control with roles and permissions.


Set project permissions to fully control who does what in your project. Permissions are available for your clients, users, and admins.

Groups and Roles.

Set permissions for clients, users and admins.

Easy Reporting


Predefined project management reports.


Taskatom comes bundled with predefined industry standard project management reports. Pick from over 15+ reports to suit your project management needs. Create custom reports based on project and client demands.

15+ predefined report formats.

Download reports in CSV and Excel.

Custom reports.


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