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Unlimited Users and teams

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Multiple workspaces

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Track multiple projects.


With Taskatom, you can track as many projects as you want. You can assign users and teams to projects and log hours. Additionally, you can track non-billable and billable hours when working on a project.

Create and manage any number of projects.

User and group level project permissions.

Optional client access.

taskatom project time tracking


Monitor your task progress daily.


Let your users log hours for all the tasks they carry out during work hours. Tasks can be grouped with job codes, tags, and projects to run custom reports.

Create tasks with no time limits.

Optional job codes for custom reporting.

View task log for custom date range.

taskatom task tracking


Invoice billable hours for your clients to pay directly.


Generate invoices in a matter of minutes that your customers can pay directly with our Stripe integration.

Generate unlimited invoices.

Bill only approved hours.

Schedule invoices or manually send them.

Payment reminders and due invoice tracking.


Manage multiple businesses and contractors with a single account.


Workspaces allow you to group projects and give your clients access. With workspaces, you can manage multiple clients running multiple projects easily.

Create unlimited workspaces.

Invite clients to join workspaces.

Manage multiple client projects easily.

Easy workspace reporting.


Optional client access.


Create optional client accounts and provide access for easy project status updates.

Invite clients to projects.

Permission based access.

Automated reporting and notifications.


Predefined project and task reports.


Taskatom comes bundled with predefined industry standard reports for your projects and tasks. Pick from over 15+ reports to suit your project or business needs. Create custom reports based on project and client demands.

15+ predefined report formats.

Download reports in CSV and Excel.

Custom reports.


Email and push notifications for important events.


Enable notifications to know the health of your projects. Get notified when your project is crossing budgets, dropping revenue, nearing expenditure, etc. Notifications will help you be on top of things and let you focus on your projects rather than project health.

Configurable notifications.

Custom notifications for clients, admins and users.

Project status notifications.

Email and mobile app notifications.

Easy Migration

One click import to get started.


Taskatom allows you to import users within a few clicks. You can get started with task tracking in less than 5 minutes with our CSV import feature. Coming over from Toggl or Clokify? Get started with our 1-click import and continue where you left off.

One click users import.

CSV user creation.

Invite users and clients.


Integrations to unleash the power of Taskatom time tracking.


Our integration will allow you to seamlessly work with tools that you already use such as Stipe, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Chat, Google Chat etc. Start task timers, assign tasks and update to-do lists easily.

Powerful integrations

Track time within your favourite tools.

Create tasks without switching between tools.

Time Tracking Apps

Native iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop time tracking apps.


Our apps run natively on the web, mobile, tablets, and desktops. Our apps are even designed to run on the latest Apple M1 chips and all Windows desktops.

Native Windows and MacOS apps including M1 and M2

High performance native apps.

Native apps for iOS and Android.


Who we are?

Taskatom is a project created by the ClockIt team to help with simple time tracking.


Taskatom is a project started by ClockIt. ClockIt has been around for more than ten years and is a time clock software. While ClockIt has many advanced features like geolocation capture, clock in clock out, PTO & accrual tracking, it may be too advanced for many small customers. At times, all customer is looking for a simple task tracking tool. This is why we created Taskatom.

Actively Maintained

Taskatom is constantly evolving to make time tracking better, easier and faster.


Taskatom is constantly being updated so that you can enjoy the best service possible. Our apps are constantly updated, developed, and released based on user feedback. We also have over ten years of experience in this space and are committed to helping you grow as a business.