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Honest to god pricing!


We do not offer a FREE plan. Here is why. In a free plan, we are forced to look for ways to lock features that will nudge you to move to a paid offering. The only advantage we get by offering a FREE plan is that we can generate thousands of monthly signups. After customers sign up and start using the product, they realize they need to pay for the features they really need. This means that the product isn’t actually FREE. We do not believe in such marketing tactics. We are keeping our pricing to the minimum so that we can provide the best service possible and in return, we grow together. Simple.

A product that just works!


By keeping things simple, we can focus on a product that just works. We have built TaskAtom with more than 10 years of experience in this space. Over the years, we have collected thousands of feedback from customers. It is this feedback that has shaped our product today. With TaskAtom we are trying to give you a complete solution from task tracking to billing. By doing so, we are trying to help you keep your process simple and effective.

No feature gates and surprises


At TaskAtom, we do not believe in false marketing. By advertising a free product, we do get a lot of signups. But customers soon find out that features that are needed only come with a paid option. After spending time setting up the software, users are forced to upgrade. We do not believe this is ethical. Hence we do not feature gate any part of our product. We are offering the complete product at a fair price from day one.

No price increase ever!


By offering you a fair price for our product, we can assure you that we will not change our pricing. We are hyper focussed on providing features to the masses. The more people that sign up for our service, the more we support each other as a business. By charging a fair price from day one, we can focus on the product. By using our product, you are contributing to our sustained growth over the years to come.