boost productivity using a task tracker

How to Boost Your Productivity by Using a Task Tracker

How to Boost Your Productivity by Using a Task Tracker


In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are left wondering where our time disappears. Can you quantify how much of your typical workday is genuinely devoted to productive work? Perhaps 30 minutes? An hour or maybe even two or three hours?

Unless you’re a unique outlier, the stark reality is that you likely aren’t utilizing as much time as you’d think. The prevalent trend among most individuals is that we end up squandering a substantial amount of our day checking emails, responding to social media notifications, and other such activities that provide little to no productivity return on investment.

The advent of task management apps, designed to streamline our tasks and enhance our efficiency, has been a blessing for many. If you’re not already using a task management app or any other system to keep track of your tasks, it’s worth exploring them and understanding their potential to revolutionize your workflow.

This article offers key insights into how harnessing the power of a task management app can supercharge your productivity and help you maintain a structured approach to work.

Make Your To-Do List Work for You

A to-do list might seem like a basic productivity tool, yet it’s often underutilized. Did you know that making small adjustments to your daily routine could add an extra hour to your day? We often overlook the importance of crafting effective to-do lists, neglecting to include only achievable tasks.

Overloading your list with monumental tasks, which you have no clear idea about breaking down, will likely result in procrastination and overwhelming stress. An effective strategy is to allocate a specific time frame to each task, assisting you in prioritizing tasks, gauging the time required for each, and estimating how much time you can devote to each task.

Identifying What’s Important

Recognizing the varying importance of different tasks is another crucial aspect of creating an effective to-do list. As an illustration, you might need to complete a task for work, contribute to a charity fundraiser, and fulfil a family obligation. Deciphering which tasks are more critical and should be prioritized can be perplexing, especially for tasks without obvious deadlines. To effectively prioritize, understand not just what needs to be accomplished but why it needs to be done now. Comprehending the underlying purpose of each task can significantly enhance your prioritization, help maintain focus on what’s truly important, and alleviate any guilt associated with not accomplishing everything.

Estimating Task Duration

Being aware of how long each task will take is an integral part of an effective to-do list. How do you decide which task to work on first – the one due by the end of the week or the one due by the end of the day? Leveraging past data to predict future outcomes and using industry standards to estimate task duration are two viable strategies. Accurate time estimates can vastly improve your task management and ensure deadlines are met.

Keeping Track of Everything You Do

One of the best strategies to boost your productivity is maintaining a record of all your daily activities. Knowing that you spent an hour on social media allows you to subtract that time from your workday. Task management apps often come with time-tracking features that can aid in estimating how much time you spend on various activities throughout the day.

Don’t Rely on Memory

When it comes to keeping track of the time spent on tasks, avoid relying on memory. You might underestimate the time a task takes, leading to discrepancies in your schedule. Consistently tracking time spent on each task can provide more accurate estimates, helping you manage your time more effectively. If you struggle with estimating task durations, consider maintaining a time log for a few days. This can give you a better understanding of how long tasks usually take, enabling better time planning.


Employing a task manager is akin to having a virtual assistant that meticulously tracks all your tasks. It keeps you informed about what you’ve accomplished and what needs to be done next. While numerous people are seeking ways to boost their productivity, many are oblivious about the right strategies. A significant factor is their lack of knowledge on harnessing a task manager effectively. A superior task manager empowers you to track your time, recognize what’s important, estimate task durations accurately, and maintain a record of everything you do, without the need to rely on memory.